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Gruntware Development Inc.

Welcome to Gruntware Development Inc. we are small independent development Web Design and Development company that is dedicated to the small business owner. Our clients are typically not conditioned to integrate the latest web technologies into their operations, but are in a position to leverage them greatly. At GDI, we offer comprehensive analysis of your business to determine how a proposed solution will impact your business. Our model is dedicated to the small business, and our approach is considered a turnkey style where we will be there to work with you every step of the way from site concept to production.

What We Do...

We develop web based applications for small businesses...Period. Here are some variations of that mission that may fit your needs.

Who We Are...

GDI is a task organized group of consultants that can be assembled for your needs. Our size and structure allow our fixed costs to remain affordable. We can bring in as much talent or as many resources as your project requires, or we can streamline it, keeping it simple so the cost of developing the site is kept within the constraints of your budget.

Sales and Pricing

Our sales approach is very basic. Fill out the contact form, and leave a means to contact you. After an initial email/phone consultation you will receive a written proposal that is used as a blueprint to outline the project. This document contains, the scope and price of project. Once both parties agree, a completion date is determined, and initial payment tendered via PayPal. Work will commence and will be visible to you throughout development. Significant changes in scope of project will require a rework of original proposal to include added cost and/or extended deadline. This happens often as the solution starts to take shape.

Pricing starts at $900.00 for a basic 5 page site creation and deployment. This price includes:

All other types of work (scripted sites, code fixing, troubleshooting) will be billed at an hourly rate of 100.00 per hour. A fixed estimate will be provided prior to any work being conducted.

There it is...No mystery, no gimmicks, no hidden costs. It is that simple, and we like it that way...

The name of this company is Gruntware and that's because throughout history when a tough job was at hand, it was given to the "grunts" with the expectation of a successful outcome. We strive to keep that spirit today...

Technologies Used

Most web development that we do is based upon the L.A.M.P server platform. Our custom web solutions are written using the lastest server and client side technologies to include, but not limited to:

GDI has a lot of experience on the Microsoft side of things as well, but it is not our platform of choice.